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Rewinding and Servicing High-Voltage Industrial Motors

Quality Electric Sales and Service expertise include rewinding and servicing high voltage motors up to 14,000 volts. Our experience spans over 25 years and includes training acquired in Canada from ABB in high density insulation and coil design.

At Quality Electric we always request original coil build data sheet from coil manufacturer to ensure proper motor performance. Additionally, we routinely conduct the following quality checks to ensure the highest quality service is provided.

Slot Fill – To check the coil to see if the conductor or insulation can be improved
Coil Build – To check the turn to turn insulation to ensure it meets manufacturer specifications
Coil Extensions – To confirm the coil overhangs, this ensures that the coils do not touch the motor frames
Coil Leads – To ensure that the lead insulation meets motor voltage requirements
“B” Check – “B” Check is the angle of the coil compared to the angle of the stator laminations

There are several other quality checks that must be followed, for example, if the “B” check is wrong the coil may not make full contact with the wall of the stator laminations, preventing the coil from not properly transferring the heat to the laminations resulting in premature insulation deterioration and eventually motor failure.

Expect quality high-voltage rewinding services when you choose us as your service provider. Dial +1 (868) 636-8396 or email for any inquiries about our services. You can also drop by our machine shop during business hours. Our address is #50 Exchange Road, Couva, Trinidad & Tobago.

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