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Providing Exceptional Service

No job is too small


No job is too small, but our specialty is servicing and rewinding large industrial motors and generators for the regions manufacturing, marine and oil and gas industries. Our large capacity cranes and ovens can accommodate equipment up to 15 tons and 8 feet in diameter.

We know that down time costs you money so we put words to action to ensure the fastest turnaround time possible without compromising quality or safety. We maintain a large inventory of supplies and materials, plus we have duplicated critical equipment to ensure the resources are available to expedite the completion of each repair. We offer emergency repairs, free estimates (under 25HP), pickup and delivery.

Twin overhead bridge cranes each with 7.5 ton winch reach all critical areas of our facility and allow multiple operations to continue uninterrupted which results in faster completion times.

No less than five work tables attended by teams of trained mechanics ensures your job never has to wait for work space.

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