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Reliable Motor Rewinding Services


+55 Years experience

Quality Electric Sales and Service is managed by certified professionals who possess more than fifty-five years year of combined experience acquired over four decades from three different countries. We also have production and general managers who work closely with our mechanics and winders. Our managers make sure that our repair technicians receive extensive training and follow industry best practices.

From high voltage to home generators we are experts with the technical knowhow to repair your equipment back to original manufacture performance specifications. We also carry the latest repair technology to enable us to fulfil our service and quality commitments.

Bring your machinery to our motor rewinding machine shop and our team will restore your equipment to working condition.


Quality Electric Sales and Services expertise includes training acquired at ABB in Canada for motors rated up to 14,000 volts. Our qualifications include certificate in high density insulation as well as journeyman license. Our experience includes management of coil design and quality control for TECO Westinghouse coil manufacturing for high voltage motors.

Best Practices

The combination of our advanced facilities and our time tested documented process of quality assurance guarantees that our workmanship in AC motors rewinding is second to none.

Diagnosing faults during initial inspection, utilization an array of electronic text equipment following by controlled burn in our large burn out oven to utilization of double insulated copper wire which is formed into coils with our diamond winding head producing better fitting coils. Before reassembly the entire stator is submerged in polyester varnish and finally after baking and assembly is test run at our 4160 volt test panel. 

Our repair procedures comply with National Electrical Standards Association (NEMA), as well as Electrical Apparatus Service Associations (EASA), we ensure that all electric motors receive a full evaluation, from Mechanical inspection to Core Loss Testing, to Dynamic Balancing and the final test run to ensure a quality product.

Best Value

We offer more than the minimum such as core loss testing to verify the integrity of your laminations; Dynamic balancing of rotors, and quality assurance reports recording all relevant performance data measured during each stage of repair.

CAPABILITIES INCLUDE: AC and DC motors up to 3,500 HP, 13,800 Volts

No job is too big or too small for our highly trained and experienced repair technicians. Our electric motor rewinding services restore a wide range of AC and DC motors rewinding, including:

High voltage motors

Traction motors
Variable speed motors
Inverter rated motors
Restack new lamination cores
Transformer (dry type) rewinding
Slip ring motor rewinding
Rewinding of contractor coils
Synchronous motor repair and rewinding
Generator and exciter repair

Instead of performing AC DC motor rewinding yourself, let us take care of it. Put our repair technicians to work, and we’ll get your motor back in its original condition in no time. If you have any inquiries about our rewinding services, call +1 (868) 636-8396 or email Alternatively, you can drop by our rewinding shop at #50 Exchange Road, Couva, Trinidad & Tobago.


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