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Machine Shop Services in Trinidad

Machine Shop


A machine shop is a facility or room where machining procedures take place. The production in this kind of shop can consist of a variety of processes, including drilling, shaping, cutting and finishing. When you’re looking for an industrial machine shop in Trinidad and Tobago to get any of these processes done for you, make Quality Electric Sales & Services your first choice. We perform quality machine work for our customers.

Machine work is an essential capability associated with the electric motor repair. Servicing shafts and end shields along with manufacture of new parts is accomplished daily in house with our fully equipped machine shop.

Having the parts, skills and equipment in house to immediately manage each jobs particular needs enables us to control the entire repair process ensuring uncompromised excellence.

Quality is assured by utilizing our calibrated measuring instruments along with careful and repetitive checks that our machine work is precisely customized to the application.

Faster completion is possible due to immediately addressing any machining requirement and avoids delays due to outsourcing work.

Favourable pricing results from not having to pay mark up costs to outside sub-contractors. Cost savings we pass along to our customers.

Our state-of-the-art machine shop in Trinidad capable of Machining, Milling, cutting, welding and fabricating. In addition, all measuring instruments in use at QESS are new and calibrated regularly. You can rely on us to deliver machine shop services that exceed your expectations.

Our fully equipped machine shop equipment includes but is not limited to the following:

Large lathes
Milling machines
Vertical presses
Machine shop drill presses
Horizontal band saws

You don’t need to search far for professional machine shop services in Trinidad and Tobago. We have the staff, skills and equipment necessary to perform machine-related processes, such as fabricating, welding, cutting, milling and machining. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to email or call +1 (868) 636-8396.

Horizontal Band Saw

Horizontal Band Saw


The Horizontal Band Saw compliments the entire shop, where cutting of all materials can be done in a professional, precise and safe manner.

Milling Machine

Milling Machine


Vertical Milling Machine. This comes with a table size of 10″ X 50″. This machine can handle milling of shafts and keyways, as well as precision drilling.

Springfield Lathe


This Lathe can handle up to 144″ Center to Center, it also has the capability of handling up to a 52″ Swing, it carries a three jaw and a four jaw chuck as well as a face plate for special mount jobs.

Vertical Press

This 20 Ton vertical press handle pressing out of couplings and pulleys without the risk of damaging or bending the shaft.


Colchester Lathe

Our Colchester Lathe can handle up to 72″ Center to Center, also it has a swing up to 28″ it also has a four and three jaw chuck, this Lathe handles most of our smaller work.


At QESS, we are capable of Machining, Milling, Cutting, Welding and  Fabricating. In addition, all measuring instruments in use are new and  calibrated regularly. 

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